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Praise for Subduction

"Subduction heaves with a splintered brilliance I could only appreciate after rejoining the parts inside my imagination. Each section slides or grinds along another, but the final whole is a work that stayed with me for weeks afterward."  - The Japan Times

"Gorgeous, both in the art and the writing...the best kind of character exploration, and told with a purely Japanese feel."

            - Brittany Jackson, Joseph-Beth Booksellers

"Todd Shimoda's Subduction is a wonderful, multi-layered mystery filled with good humor, razor-sharp tension and startling aftershocks that recalls the best of Haruki Murakami."
            - Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, author of Love in Translation and Midori by Moonlight

"Shimoda skillfully weaves (these) tales into the narrative, revealing how past events "continue to affect the island, like aftershocks." Earthquakes are an apt metaphor for the social disruptions on the island, and Shimoda links modern earthquake science, ancient Japanese myths on the origin of earthquakes, and an unforgettable cast of characters to create a suspenseful, richly illustrated novel."
            - Publishers Weekly
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