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About the author and artist

Todd Shimoda has published four novels that deal with Japan and Japanese themes: Subduction, Oh! A Mystery of ‘Mono no Aware,’ The Fourth Treasure, and 365 Views of Mt. Fuji. The books have been translated into six languages. Oh! was named an NPR "Summer Best Read" in 2009. The Fourth Treasure was named a notable book in 2002 by the Kiriyama Prize. In 2010, he won the Elliot Cades Award for Literature from the Hawaii Literary Arts Council. Born in Colorado, he has lived in several other states as well as Japan.

L.J.C. Shimoda is an accomplished artist, illustrator and book designer. Her artwork and illustrations have appeared in numerous books and venues, including Glyphix for Visual Journaling and Todd Shimoda’s novels Oh!, The Fourth Treasure and 365 Views of Mt. Fuji.

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